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When exercising for overall health, building muscle, sports game or performance for competitions, it is extremely important to prepare your body before workout by giving it all the right nutrients it needs to replenish during workout. Prepare is like gas for your car, without it the car cannot run.

Regardless of how well you drink water during an exercise session or sports game, you will have lost more fluid than you can replace due to your body consuming double as much liquid as usual and it also eliminates water by sweating. In other words, you will have some level of dehydration. Best way to test your level of dehydration is to weigh yourself before working out and during. The difference in weight is the quantity of water you need to get your body to the normal hydration levels. Hydration is extremely important because muscles are 73% water, and water is the vehicle for the nutrients and micro-nutrients to get to the right cells. Water also helps muscles to rebuild from their breakdown caused by the workout. Therefore, hydration is essential for any workout.

Muscle Repair & Building
After workout, your body is sucked dry of nutrients (fuel), liquids (hydration), protein, antioxidants and so on. In order to rebuild your strength and muscle, your body needs protein right away and nutrients. If you do not give protein to your body immediately after workout, your body will get that protein from your muscles and damage them even more instead of rebuilding them stronger.

Never eat food and drink protein supplements after exercise if you are on a weight loss program, because you will gain weight instead of losing. Ideally is to drink a high-quality bio-available protein reach shake immediately after workout, because food protein will not get digested in time for the muscle to use it.

If you want to gain muscle, strength or body mass you need high quality protein right away. Do not get sugary protein drinks because sugar will damage your muscles and will get converted into fat. Unfortunately when we eat, it takes minimum 20 minutes for the body to process the food which is to late for your muscles. So, eating right after your workout is not going to do much. Your muscles need protein immediately. Fortunately, there is one source of highest quality protein out there that is assimilated by the body immediately, and that is cellular nutrition.

In order for your body to fully recover you need to combat inflammation associated with exercise and physical activity. Get the most out of your resting hours by supporting the body’s natural anti-inflammation mechanisms, providing antioxidant protection and supporting immune function.


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