We'd like to congratulate you for your commitment to better your health and become the best version of yourself. Welcome, have fun, and enjoy your journey!


  1. Call 646.350.9803 to schedule your first appointment for the 45-minutes nutrition consultation with advanced segmental body composition analysis.
  2. Based on the consultation we'll be able to determine what your body needs in order for you to reach your goals and recommend you the optimal health program.


  1. Personalized health program recommendation comprised of cellular nutrition, custom meal plan based on your height and weight, and exercise routines.
  2. Wellness coach cell phone number to keep in touch with you via text message in between weekly follow-up visits.
  3. Weekly access to the Exclusive Nutrition Zoom call held every Wednesday at 9:30pm EST (special guests speakers)
  4. Invitation to our private "Make the World Happier & Healthier" community on the Telegram app to get inspired by other's amazing results.
  5. Weekly follow-ups and advanced segmental body composition analysis.

We look forward to meeting you, and help you manage your weight, gain more energy, improve your health, and get in the best shape of your life!!

Healthy regards,
NYC Health & Nutrition Team