8-Week Weight Loss/Gain, Health or Sports Nutrition Plan

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Weight Loss New York.gif

8-Week Weight Loss/Gain, Health or Sports Nutrition Plan

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Lose weight, gain healthy weight, look great, feel amazing, build muscle or improve sports performance from inside-out with a personalized cellular nutrition program tailored to your body needs..



  1. Private Nutrition Consultation with Advanced Segmental Body Composition Analysis Test and Muscle Quality Rating.

  2. Personalized health plan tailored to your body needs and budget.

  3. Custom Meal Plan based on your height and weight.

  4. Cellular Nutrition Recommendations and Exercise Tips.

  5. Weekly in-person follow-up visits with body analysis.

  6. Access to the private VIP Support Group via the "TELEGRAM" app.

  7. Access to our weekly exclusive Nutrition Sessions via "Zoom" app.

Comprehensive 8-week weight loss/gain, health or sports nutrition program led by a former professional multi-medalist gymnast and nutrition expert. Appointment location: 1115 Broadway, 12th floor, New York, NY 10010 - aka 16 Madison Square West