Lose Weight in a Fun Way & Stay Motivated!

Do you want to lose weight and have fun doing it? Do it in a group! Losing weight with a group of motivated people with the same goals, makes the process easier, not to mention a lot more fun. Lose up to 20lb per month naturally with a personalized cellular nutrition program and become healthier in the process.

As with any popular and growing industry, there is a lot of misleading information derived from opinions an rumors, not facts. You have been probably trying many other ways to lose weight, but were not happy with the results, and totally neglected to become healthier in the process. Yes, many of us neglect becoming healthier while losing weight by skipping meals, eating less nutrients instead of more, drinking less water not more, eating more sugar as we need more energy, and this is actually preventing us from losing weight not helping. We then end-up gaining weight or not reaching our goals after months or years of struggling and frustration. But have no fear, we are always designing a personalized weight loss solution for every-body, which is tailored to your body specific needs.


6-Week Personal Weight-Loss Challenge Program
(88% Off)

Limited Time Available!
Over 140 Deals Bought


6-Week Personal Weight-Loss Challenge Program
(88% Off)

Limited Time Available!
NEW! Over 7 Deals Bought

What's included?

  1. Goal setting with the help of your Personal Wellness Coach provided by NYC Health & Nutrition. Private Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Consultation, which includes Meal Planning.
  2. Advanced Body Composition Analysis. Based on the consultation we will recommend to you a Personalized Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Program tailored to your lifestyle, weight loss goals, and your past & present health.
  3. Weekly group or private follow-up visits, which includes Advanced Body Composition Analysis for progress monitoring, weighting, measurements and a nutrition lesson. For example: "Why is protein so important in our daily diet?"
  4. Ongoing dedicated support and follow-up by phone, text and email, for the duration of the Weight Loss, Nutrition & Health program.

How it works?

  1. Call (646) 943-9160 for New York, NY office or (424) 279-8621 for Beverly Hills, CA office to schedule an appointment and join us for a fun 6 or 8 week Weight Loss Challenge program.
  2. When you come in, you will receive a Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Consultation and we will craft a Health Profile Report for you, based on your eating habits, advanced body composition analysis, lifestyle, weight loss goals, and based on your past and present health.
  3. Based on the Health Profile Report we will recommend you a personalized Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Program, tailored to your lifestyle and your body needs.
  4. After the first consultation, which is private, we will match you with a group that has similar goals, and let the challenge begin. You will always schedule the next office follow-up directly with your Personal Wellness Coach.
  5. The first 3 participants that lose the most weight will win 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes. Once you commit to your goals, we commit as well. The right time is always now.

NYC Health & Nutrition is the only nutrition center in New York City & Beverly Hills, CA that offers Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Consultation (All-in-One), along with weekly office visits and unlimited dedicated phone, text and email follow-ups & support during the entire weight loss, health, nutrition, detox or sports nutrition program, in order to really help you reach your goals.



  • Initial Consultation: $195*
  • Office Visit Follow-up: $62*
  • 4-Week Weight Loss Challenge: $443
  • 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge: $567


  • Initial Consultation: $159*
  • Office Visit Follow-up: $55*
  • 4-Week Weight Loss Challenge: $379
  • 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge: $489

* The fees above are applying to any service that we are offering, whether you would like lose weight, gain weight, become healthier, detox, build lean muscle or reach better performances in sports.