- This is not just a diet, and is not a gym, this is a LIFESTYLE -

For the past 10 years, NYC Health & Nutrition has been helping people to successfully lose weight and maintain it, become healthier, reach better performances in sports, feel good and enjoy a better life every single day. Besides great results, what sets us apart is that our wellness coaches are continuously learning the latest in health and nutrition science from distinguished cellular human nutrition doctor scientists specialized on cellular and molecular human nutrition at UCLA. Also, the entire NYC Health & Nutrition's staff is using a personalized weight loss, health or sports nutrition program for their own personal wellness. Yes, NYC Health & Nutrition never recommends a program that they are not using themselves. Therefore NYC Health & Nutrition's wellness experts know from personal experience how to help you lose weight and become healthier in the process. NYC Health & Nutrition's personalized wellness programs success rate is 100% with each client that follows the easy on-the-go personalized health, nutrition and weight loss programs.

Start today, and inspire others by becoming the best version of yourself!

Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, build lean muscle, become healthier overall, or reach better performances in sports and fitness, NYC Health & Nutrition's wellness experts can help you reach your goals through personalized natural cellular nutrition solutions. Each nutrition, sports and weight loss program is personalized and tailored to each client's body needs, goals and today's busy lifestyle. NYC Health & Nutrition also designs custom vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, kosher, and any allergen free weight loss, health and nutrition programs.

Cellular nutrition acts at the cellular level and offers all the essential nutrients that the body needs in order to function properly. As we age, our body cells get covered with toxins every single day, which makes it impossible for the body cells to absorb all the essential nutrients from food necessary to function properly and maintain an optimal weight and health. Cellular nutrition helps to clean the body cells of toxins, and to keep them active in order for the body to be able to absorb all the essential nutrients from foods, supplements and vitamins... Learn More


Personalized Weight-loss, Weight-gain & Sports Nutrition programs led by a former professional gymnast focuses on health through cellular nutrition.
Play it safe with your shape and lose weight naturally while gaining more energy, having fun, and becoming the best version of yourself.



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Lose weight naturally through cellular nutrition, and a healthy active lifestyle, while becoming healthier in the process. NYC Health & Nutrition helps people lose weight, become healthier, feel better, do more and enjoy a better lifestyle every single day.

What's included?

  1. Private Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Consultation with Advanced Body Composition Analysis Test.
  2. Based on the Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Consultation, Advanced Body Composition Analysis numbers, your lifestyle, eating habits and goals, your wellness coach expert will design a personalized Weight Loss, Health & Nutrition Program tailored to your body needs, lifestyle and weight loss goals.
  3. Custom Meal Plan, Cellular Nutrition Recommendations and Exercise Tips, based on your body needs.
  4. Weekly group or private follow-up visits, which include an Advanced Body Composition Analysis test for progress monitoring, weighing, measurements, weight-loss support.
  5. Ongoing unlimited dedicated support and follow-ups via phone, text or email are also included for the duration of the Weight Loss, Nutrition & Health program.
  6. Weekly Nutrition & Grocery Shopping Classes, every Tuesday at 7:00 PM, and are open to all existing customers.
  7. Weekly stretching workouts for every age and level, with our former professional multi-medalist gymnast, are also open to all clients.
  8. Weekly VIP Club Meeting, every Thursday at 7:00 PM - open to VIP Clients only.
  9. Monthly Customer Celebration Day with drinks, snacks, fun, surprises and prizes based on your results.